advice from a prom goddess the right styling for plus size prom dresses

Use these guidelines to achieve the right styling for plus size prom dresses.
"Plus" means voluptuous and feminine. You have a bombshell figure and that rich fullness should be catered to. Something that graces the lines of your hips, bust, and butt will look fantastic.
Wearing something that does not fit you well will only make your shape look out of proportion, so make sure that you know your correct size and measurements. Then, you can order an outfit that you know will fit perfectly.
It is okay for the outfit to be form fitting. You have nothing to hide. The fabric should move with you, so if it’s bunching or puckering anywhere, you know it’s too small. You do not want anything to look like it is over-stretched.
Many designers add ribbing to the bodice. These long “bones” of hard material will allow you to get a tighter fit and add structure that your body can sort of press against. This ribbing will prevent any stress against the gown material.
Anyone who tells you that you cannot wear a certain color or print is wrong. You can wear a busy, vibrant print. You can wear white or yellow and any bright color. It is really about the way it matches your personality.
Do not wear a black dress and try to hide in it. In actuality, prints are going to look best on your gorgeous silhouette. The movement in them will marry well with the many different curves on your form.
Some examples are that will look hot on your body type include:
? Night Moves catalog #6104W, ? #6107W ? #6108W
All of them bring to mind a romantic New Year’s Eve fireworks show. They are aglow with brightly colored splashes on a night sky background.
There are also certain accessories that work best with plus size prom dresses. For starters, higher heels are recommended. Flat shoes or low heels will shorten your overall look and drag it down.